Panamera E-Hybrid

2019 Model

Before you stands a sports car. One that puts into action everything you need to get ahead. In your job. In your everyday life. And away from it. In-tray full of projects? Places you've always wanted to visit? Sporty goals unfulfilled? Let's go.

Panamera E-Hybrid

Let's start with the aspect of a Porsche that always attracts the most attention: the back. The rear end displays a wide physique and is clearly contoured, with all lines emphasising the horizontal orientation of the vehicle concept. The newly refined, higher roof line falls away to the rear, the large-size rear side windows narrow to a point. Nevertheless, passengers in the second row still have plenty of room to get in. A sports car: sharp, agile, contemporary.


Power combined (kW)
500 kW
Power combined (hp)
680 PS
at rpm
5,750 - 6,000 r/min
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h
Top speed
310 km/h
2,950 mm
5,049 mm

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