Airbus H130

From major tourist destinations to the busy airspace over cities, the single-engine H130 (previously known as the EC130 T2) is in widespread use with sightseeing services, charter operators and emergency medical services, among others.

Airbus H130


The H130 is an intermediate single-engine helicopter tailored for passenger transportation, sightseeing and VIP duties, as well as medical airlift, law enforcement and surveillance missions. As a multi-role rotorcraft, the H130 has a spacious cabin for one pilot and up to seven passengers. Depending on the configuration, it can carry up to two pilots, one stretcher and three to four medical crew.

Other H130 enhancements include an Active Vibration Control System and advanced environmental control; improved air conditioning; a cabin interior structure redesign with a full flat floor; a cockpit update for an enhanced man-machine interface integrating a glass cockpit Garmin G500H with SVS HTAWS; energy-absorbing seats; and integration of a crash-resistant fuel system.


Hover Ceiling OGE
2,957 m
Hover Ceiling IGE
3,429 m
Fast Cruise Speed
237 km/h
Max Range
606 km
Max altitude flight
7,010 m
Max takeoff weight (MTOW)
2,500 kg
Standard fuel tank
425 kg
Engine type
Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
Takeoff power
710 kW / 952 shp

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